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   Contractors’ All Risks Insurance

The policy covers all the works to be performed under the contract whether they are preparatory, provisional or final together with all the materials and equipments constituting them.

   Erection All Risks Insurance

The policy provides cover for loss or damage to your Contract Works and your liabilities to third parties arising from your carrying out the Contract Works. 

   Machinery Breakdown Insurance

This policy provides insurance cover for loss or damage to your machineries from causes not specifically excluded for plant, machinery and mechanical equipment at work, at rest or during maintenance operations.

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We are a Cambodian insurer. We understand our country and we are proud of providing international-standard products to Cambodians.

Our goal is to understand customer’s and to always be flexible to meet your insurance needs.

Our products are tailored to customer needs.

Our dedicated team is trained to make your settlements fast while providing a quality service.